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15 August 2012 @ 08:57 pm
[one-shot] Manito  
Title: Manito
Pairing(s): Kyumin, slight!Eunhae, slight!Yewook
Genre: romance, fluff
Rating: PG
Summary: Kyuhyun and Sungmin play the game ‘Manito’
Warning: unbeta’d
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the members

Sometimes love comes in the most unexpected ways or maybe not. Maybe some of you might find my “love story” pretty obvious, and maybe others might find it funny. For me, I would like to simply consider my love story “out of the ordinary.”

“Excuse me,” I turned my head to see the owner of that voice. “Is this seat taken?” he pointed to the seat next to mine.

“No,” I replied and turned my head to look to whoever was talking in the center of the auditorium.

I am a new college student in Konkuk University, majoring in Communication Design. Right now, the orientation was being held, and I had no idea who those people standing on the platform were just because I came late. Obviously the person sitting next to me wouldn’t even have the slightest idea of what was going on.

“So… did they say anything important related with our college?” the guy next to me asked right next to my ear.

I moved my head a little bit far away from him, “they just talked about the education and our college history.”

“Ah, thanks,” replied the guy and stayed quiet during the whole presentation until one person announced that all major departments were required to move to their respective buildings.

“So what’s your name?” suddenly the guy asked while we were walking. “I’m Kyuhyun, Cho Kyuhyun.”

“Sungmin… Lee Sungmin.”

So we kept walking until we reached our destination, and I guess the president of our major explained us things such as activities for the whole semester, money needed, and so on. At the end of the explanation, all the hoobaes and sunbaes were moved to a restaurant. Obviously there was soju and less food to eat, so at the end, I ended up drunk.

“Minwoo sunbae, I will take Sungmin back home,” I heard someone say right behind me. I turned my head slowly just to see Kyuhyun in perfect conditions.

“Do you know where he lives?” Minwoo sunbae asked while he patted my back.

“Yeah, I know where he lives,” Kyuhyun replied and held out a hand so I could get up from my seat. I just looked at his hand and then his face. How does he know where I live? Is he a stalker?

“Okay,” Minwoo sunbae moved out of the way so I could leave the table while I held on Kyuhyun’s hand for support. At that moment, I swore I wouldn’t drink that much next time.

As we left the place, Kyuhyun held me close so I wouldn’t fall.

“Where’s your house?” Kyuhyun asked as we stopped by the traffic light.

“What? I thought you knew my place? Why did you lie?” I pushed Kyuhyun slightly so I could face him with serious face. Bad idea. I felt my body move towards the ground, and just when I thought my face would end up on the ground, Kyuhyun held my body again.

“You know you’re wasted right?” Kyuhyun whispered. “I don’t want you to have a bad welcome party to remember later on.”

“Whatever,” I said as I crossed the street slowly without noticing if the light was green already.

“Dude! Don’t cross the street when the light’s still red! Do you want to die!?” he shouted as he pulled me back from the road and hugged me tight.

So after that, I don’t remember what happened between him and I because the next thing I know is that I’m on my bed. Last night, apparently Kyuhyun took my cellphone and dialed my mom, and obviously my mom picked me up.

So when college started, I didn’t see Kyuhyun until 2 days after. I sat one table in front of him, but I guess he didn’t notice me. When the teacher entered and started calling everyone for attendance, I had little hope that Kyuhyun would recognize me by my voice. I guess I was wrong. Nothing happened. And then I realized… why am I hoping that Kyuhyun will recognize me? We’re not a couple, and less we haven’t had any philosophical conversation about life before.

A while later, the teacher called Kyuhyun and I to form a couple for projects. what? Holy cows, I didn’t pay attention and now, I’m stuck with Kyuhyun for the whole semester because the teacher reminded us again that we must be stay as a couple for this semester. I stood up and looked at Kyuhyun who had a dorky smile on his face.

After a month of being stuck with Kyuhyun just because of a stupid work, I must admit that at first, I thought he was annoying, but then his image that I had of him got better. He is good looking, unfortunately way taller than me, and snarky. I swear his snarky attitude makes me annoyed, but in the end, I think I love that side of him. I don’t know why.


“So Sungmin, I think we should play the ‘manito’ thing that our sunbaes prepared,” Kyu said one afternoon after finishing our project.

“How do you play it?” I asked while clicking ‘save’ button repeatedly in Photoshop.

“Well first, we must go to our major’s office and tell whoever is in charge of that thing that we are going to join the game. After that, we get to pick a random paper with someone’s name on it. It could be a sunbae, teacher, or classmate. Whoever you get, you can give him or her gifts, but don’t let that person know it’s you.” Kyu explained carefully.

“I see… why don’t we go right now and pick them up? The administrators leave until 5, and it’s barely 4 o’clock right now.”

So we got out of this coffee shop we were in and ran to our college building which it was just right at the corner. When we got there, we saw Donghae and Eunhyuk unfolding their papers secretly away from each other. Donghae looked happy, while Eunhyuk just looked blankly at his paper.

“Hi,” I greet them happily. “You guys are also playing that thing?”

“Yup,” Donghae answered happily. “I think it’s going to be fun… right Hyukkie?”

“…yeah I guess.”

“I hope I get the person I’m thinking of,” Kyu interrupts the awkward silence between us four. “See ya, guys.” he grabs my wrist and lead me into the administration room.

“Umm hi, we are here for the ‘manito’ thing…” Kyu said to the person who was just right in front of us, waiting for some request from us.

“Of course! Here, grab any paper,” she held a cup with full of folded paper. Are we the first to play this thing?

I grab one tiny piece of paper and move out of the room just to make sure that Kyu won’t see the name of the person I got. I unfold it gently and saw the name I didn’t expect at all: Jung Yunho. I met Yunho sunbae along his best friend Changmin, who is our sunbae also, in a party in the middle of the semester. I guess I’ll have to be the angel sent from heaven to Yunho sunbae in this game.

Just when I ripped the paper, Kyu stood next to me and smiled widely. Who did he get? I bet it must be whoever he wanted to get to be smiling like that.

“Did you get the name of whoever you wanted?” I asked just to confirm my statement.

“Yeah. How did you know?”

“You have a dorky smile plastered on your face.”

“You. Are. Mean.”

“I’m just saying… anyways, let’s go grab some ice cream.” I smile and take his hand for the first time. He was shocked, but nonetheless, he let me pull him all the way to Baskin Robbins.


The next day, I woke up really early to bake some cookies for my sunbae and pack them up in a plastic bag tied with a ribbon. Then, on a piece of paper I wrote “Hello Yunho sunbae, I baked some cookies for you! I hope you like them. –Your manito.” Then I walked all the way to college just to meet with Eunhyuk in the elevator.

“Hi Eunhyuk, how come you came early?” I asked, curious as to why he was here so early when we all know that the famous dancing machine Eunhyuk is always late.

“I’m making an extra effort to come here early; I think I have 3 checks for being late. You know what happens when there’s 4 lates. Also you know that I have to reserve my spot in the computer lab before everyone gets the good computers.” Eunhyuk replied.

When we reach the 8th floor, Eunhyuk goes immediately to the computer lab while I go to the room where 3rd year sunbaes have their own special cubicle for work. I look around to see my sunbae’s name and when I do, I take the bag of cookies and the note out of my bag. I place them on top of the desk and leave as fast I could.

When I leave the room, I see Kyu getting off the elevator with his eyes closed and moving his body to the beats that sounded through his earphones. I walked and waited in front of him so that he realize that I was there watching his every moves. I was kinda surprised that he could dance… especially in the morning. When he opened his eyes, he saw that I was standing too close to him that he freaked out.

“What are you doing here so early!?” Kyu said, removing his earphones.

“I should be asking you the same thing, Cho Kyuhyun.”

“You know about the computer lab and the reservation thingy.”

“Then that should answer your question as to why I’m here early too.” That was a lie, but I don’t want to let him know that I was here for manito duties.

We walk to the computer lab, but before entering, we see Eunhyuk standing in front of the lockers sliding in an envelope.

“Someone is in love,” Kyuhyun whispered next to my ear.

“Let’s enter before he notices us…” I move the handle of the door and get in before Eunhyuk turn to our way.

We take our seats and turn on the computers. I leave Photoshop open while I check my emails.

“I’m going to the restroom,” Kyu said before leaving.

I just nod and keep cleaning my inbox. Minutes later, Donghae enters the computer lab and walks to where Eunhyuk’s bag is. He placed a strawberry flavored carton milk and looks at me.

“Yeah, I’m his manito. Pretend that you didn’t see this, please…” Donghae pleaded with his puppy eyes.

“I really don’t know what you’re talking about…” I follow his lead and smile. Donghae smiled back.

“Thanks,” Donghae said before taking his seat next to Eunhyuk’s.

Then Kyuhyun enters while talking animatedly with Ryeowook and Yesung. Ryeowook and Yesung took their seats in front of Kyu’s and mine while still talking to Kyu. I notice Ryeowook’s smirk directed to me and I wonder… what the hell did I do to him to receive a smirk from him?

“Sorry Min that I took a while to come, I met Ryeowook and Yesung on my way,” Kyu explained.

“No need to apologize, really!” I said. “I didn’t even notice how long you took.”

Eunhyuk suddenly entered and saw the carton milk on his desk then Donghae.

“If you are thinking that I’m your manito, you are wrong,” Donghae said like if he was answering Eunhyuk’s silent question.

“ummmm… okay,” Eunhyuk said before opening the carton milk and drink it in. “I love my manito.”

At that, I saw Donghae turn to me and smile.

Aren’t Eunhyuk and Donghae cute together?


After classes, I walked to my locker with Kyu trailing behind. When I opened my locker, an envelope dropped out of it. I pick it up and open just to see 2 movie tickets and a letter.

Dear Sungmin,
Your manito here! This time, I giving you 2 free movie tickets. Take your lover or best friend and enjoy!

“Your manito is the best,” Kyu said, looking at the letter. “You’re going to take me, right?”

“I think… I should take my mom and not you,” I joke and put the tickets away.

“Oh come on, Min. I know your mom won’t go to the movies.”

“How do you know my mom won’t go? Besides, she told me she wanted to have fun with me one of these days.”

“Min…” Kyu turns me around, looking all serious. “Take me to the movies.”

“… I don’t even know why I stick around you when I know you are so childish,” I laugh and pat his shoulder. “Of course I will take you to the movies, dummy.”

Kyu smiles widely and for the first time ever, he hugs me and kisses my cheek. I blush and bury my face on his chest just not to show how affected I am with his kiss. And then, something crosses my mind. Didn’t Kyu and I see Eunhyuk sliding in an envelope in one of these lockers? Oh damn.

Out of nowhere, Ryeowook appeared in front of us, holding a box.

“Kyu, your manito told me to give you this. I can’t tell you who he or she is, but I can tell you one thing, that person has the hots for you.”

Kyu took the box and opened it, revealing delicious looking cookies.

Okay, what just happened? Ryeowook called my Kyu KYU! Sorry, but only I can call him Kyu. End of discussion. Also, who is Kyu’s manito… what the hell?

“Thanks Ryeowook, tell that person that I might fall for her… or him.” Kyu said before Ryeowook left.


Kyu and I went to Lotte cinema to go watch “The Thieves.” During the movie, I turned to look at Kyu because he intertwined our fingers.

“Kyu, this is not a romantic movie…” I whispered.

“I know,” Kyu smirked after saying that.

“Can you leave my hand alone, please?”


Since I wanted to watch the movie, I just stopped paying attention to his action. After the movie, he released my hand and walked ahead of me. What is his problem? After I reached him, he showed me a text he received during the movie.

From: Anonymous
Time: 7:13pm
Subject: none
Hey, I got your number from Ryeowook. I hope you enjoyed my cookies!

“Oh yeah, you sure did enjoy them…” I glared at Kyu then walked as fast as I could.

“Wait, Minnie. Are you jealous?” Kyu asked, trying to hide his smile.

“I’m not, I just stated the obvious. Why would I be jealous?” In fact, I was jealous.

“Well, I just thought you were, sorry.” Kyu said with a little disappointment.


The next day, after I left a cup of Americano on Yunho sunbae’s desk, I saw Ryeowook stick a lollipop on Kyu’s locker door. In conclusion, Ryeowook is Kyu’s manito… does that mean Ryeowook has the hots for Kyu!? No way. Before Ryeowook could see me, I ran to the restroom to release my breath I was holding.

“Hey Sungmin,” Yunho Sunbae greeted.

“Hello sunbae,” I vowed then smiled.

“How’s everything going?” he asked as we walked out of the restroom.

“Everything’s good, and you?”

“Great. My manito keeps sending me stuffs that I need the most.”

“Oh really? I guess your manito is an angel sent from heaven.” We both laugh.

“How about your manito?

“Ah, my manito gave me 2 free movie tickets. That’s it,” I said, looking at the floor sadly. My manito hasn’t given me anything for 2 weeks.

“Your manito should pay more attention to you. Oh hey Kyuhyun.” I look up to see Kyu standing there with his lollipop.

Kyu bows to Yunho sunbae and then turns to look at me.

“Anyways, I need to go. See you guys later,” Yunho sunbae turned to enter the same room I left a while ago.

“Um… hey Kyu,” I start the conversation after 5 minutes of silence between us.

“Hi Min. I was wondering…. Do you want to eat pizza with me in my house?” Kyu asked all of a sudden.

“Sure. I’m dying of hunger,” I take his hand and walk out of the building.

After the pizza arrived, we ate silently. The thought of Ryeowook being Kyu’s lover was something that I didn’t want to think of, but I really tried my best to forget about it. I mean, Kyu can’t be that type of person who accepts to be someone’s lover just because of the goods he received from that person.

“You know that tomorrow is the confession day? Manitos have to reveal themselves,” Kyu said after eating his 4th pizza. Even though he is lanky and all, he eats a lot!

“So tomorrow, I don’t need to give anything?” I ask grabbing my 3rd pizza.

“Yeah, I suppose.”

“I see…”

Well here goes or nothing…

“Kyu… I just want to let you know that…” I start. He looks at me carefully. “My manito has not given me anything except for the tickets.”

“Really? I thought he or she did give you a lot of stuffs.”

“Not really. I lied after you showed me all the things your manito gave you.”

There goes my bravery… into the trash.

“Well, let’s hope that your manito gets you something big!”

“Yeah I hope… um… Kyu, what wanted to say before all this weird nonsense… is that I hope you don’t fall for your manito.”

Kyu just laughed it off and kept on eating his pizza. Damn him for not saying anything. Does that mean he already fell for his manito a.k.a Ryeowook!?

The next day came too fast. Next to the bulletin board, there was an A0 size paper with “I’m Your Manito! Stop hiding and confess who you are!” written on it.

Hi Yunho sunbae! I bet you’re wondering who’s your manito who keeps sending things you need the most! –Your manito.

After writing that, I looked at other’s confessions. Some couldn’t give anything and others kept it secret just like me. On the top left corner, I see something that caught my attention

Sungmin-ah! I’m sorry that I couldn’t give you lots of stuffs… so why don’t you meet me on the roof at 1PM so I can give you at least something! –Your manito.

I looked at my wrist watch which indicated 1PM already, so I ran up the stairs until I reached a door that led to the roof. When I opened the door, I was met with the backside of Kyu. What the hell is Kyu doing there? I don’t know.

“Hey Kyu,” I called. Kyu turned around holding a bunny. I quickly took the bunny from his arms and held it close to me.

“It’s yours. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you lots of stuffs…” Kyu said apologetic.

“…Does that mean that you are my manito?” I asked shocked.

“Yes. Who did you think your manito was?”


Kyu laughed and then explained everything. Eunhyuk actually slid in the envelope we saw in Donghae’s locker which was just right next to mine. Stupid of me for not realizing that. Then, Ryeowook was actually Donghae’s manito.

“But I saw that Ryeowook gave you lots of stuffs! I thought he was your manito!” I shouted, not believing myself how I came to that stupid conclusion of mine too fast.

“I asked him for help…”

“Help for what?”

“Look Min… Kyu stopped talking and blushed. Instead of talking, he took the bunny from me and put it inside the cage. Then, he held both of my hands and moved closer to me to the point that I could hear his heartbeat.


On impulse, I stand on my toes and kiss Kyu on the lips. I don’t know what got into me, but I guess it was good because after the shock, his dazzling smile appeared.

“I like you, a lot.” Finally Kyu confessed.

“And I like you too… a lot,” I blushed then hugged him. “You don’t know how terrifying is the idea of someone you like being taken by someone else…”

“If you are thinking of Ryeowook, don’t worry. He has Yesung already. Like I told you, he just helped me get you a little bit jealous… I wanted to know if you were interested in me…”

“Kyu… I think without his help you could have known that already…” I say looking at him seriously.

“Let’s just forget about it. From now on, your manito will give you lots of stuffs.” Kyu said before planting a kiss on my forehead.

I don’t know how this manito confession turned out to be a love confession, but I must admit, I have never seen Kyu blush so many times before until now. I have definitely fallen for Cho Kyuhyun for his stupidity.

“Oh by the way, no one is ever allowed to call you Kyu but only me.”

“Oh really? Well from now on, you will bake cookies only for me.”

“How did you-“ Kyu kissed me before I could finish.

-The end-

A/N: Okay… so this got weird as the story progressed. I admit, I’m a bad writer >< so if you have any questions or something you didn’t get, just comment! ^^

ohnomomoohnomomo on August 16th, 2012 09:56 am (UTC)
oh yeah, on Christmas. we call it secret santa here haha
they were toooooooo oblivious hahahaha
thanks for reading! <3

btw, I love your fics. I'm saying this in case I didn't say it before in any of my comments on your fics hahaha