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05 June 2011 @ 01:38 am
White Fur [3/?]  
Title: White Fur
Author: ohnomomo
Pairing: Kyumin, slight!eunhae
Rating: PG
Genre: romance, drama
Summary: Can a human love a fox as human?
Warning: unbeta’d, sorry D:
A/N: italics words are either thoughts, important facts, or flashbacks. I have a big favor to ask to all of you, please comment! I don’t want just silent readers and get comments at the end of the story :) thank you so much!! :3

The moment he saw Eunhyuk, he quickly ran and tapped hard on his shoulder. “What do you want, Sungmin? Make it fast,” said Eunhyuk, turning around to face Sungmin. As soon as he saw those blue eyes, he panicked then pulled Sungmin away from everyone in the hallway. They entered the bathroom just in time when nobody was there.

“What the hell is going on?” Eunhyuk asked himself, checking on Sungmin’s eyes. He, who lived more than Sungmin, had never seen such phenomenon occur. The last time he checked, Sungmin had brown eyes; he couldn’t explain himself how Sungmin got blue eyes out of sudden.

“I think,” Sungmin started, “that maybe it’s just the moon’s effect.”

“It could be, but this never happened before. Why now?”

Seconds later, Sungmin and Eunhyuk heard the bathroom door open, so Sungmin immediately closed his eyes. Eunhyuk turned to see who that person was; thanks God that Donghae entered.

“What happened to Sungmin?” Donghae asked Eunhyuk with worry. “I saw Sungmin running to you, that’s why…”

“You won’t believe what happened to him…” Eunhyuk said and turned around to speak to Sungmin. “Sungmin, Donghae is here, so don’t worry.”

Sungmin didn’t know if Donghae knew what he was, but he still trusted him; so he turned around and opened his eyes. Surprisingly, Donghae didn’t shout or ran away from him. Eunhyuk, seeing as Donghae didn’t do anything, turned to look at Sungmin, and his eyes went wide. Sungmin’s eyes were not blue anymore, they were back to brown.

“Sungmin, your eyes are brown… not blue,” Eunhyuk said, making Sungmin turn towards the mirror so he could check himself.

As soon as Sungmin saw his brown eyes, he leaned closer to check if it was true that his eyes were back to brown. He couldn’t believe that his eyes were back to brown. So what the hell happened a moment ago? Why did he have blue eyes all of a sudden?

“You had blue eyes?” Donghae asked, making sure that he wasn’t ignored by the other two.

“Yeah, he had blue eyes, weird uh?” Eunhyuk answered, still looking at Sungmin check his eyes. “That’s why I told you that you wouldn’t believe me.”

The three of them thought of any theory that could have caused Sungmin turn his eyes blue, but after hearing the bell, they ran out of the bathroom just to see students come out of their classrooms for recess. Eunhyuk’s and Donghae’s stomachs growled, so they ran towards the cafeteria to get something to eat while Sungmin went directly to his locker to get all the materials for the next 3 classes.

When he closed his locker, he saw Kyuhyun walking to his direction. In his mind, he didn’t want Kyuhyun to stand in front of him, but in his heart, he desired Kyuhyun to hug and kiss him like if 10 years have passed. Of course, that happens only in the movies.

“What happened to you? You disappeared…” Kyuhyun said with his normal tone of always, like if he wasn’t surprised moments ago. “I-I copied the class on your notebook just for you.”

“Wow, thanks Kyuhyun,” Sungmin cheerfully hugged Kyuhyun. “I’m surprised that you could copy the class on your notebook, then on my notebook.”

“Well… there wasn’t much to copy,” Kyuhyun scratched his back then looked at Sungmin seriously. “Can you tell me what’s going on? I seriously wished that one day you could tell me why you act so weird.”

Sungmin only answered him with silence. It’s been months since he had to lie to Kyuhyun with really stupid reasons or no reasons at all. But what would he gain if he lied to Kyuhyun? Nothing but more reasons for Kyuhyun to be suspicious of him. On the other side, if he tells Kyuhyun the true reason, Kyuhyun would probably freak out and leave him for good. But at the same time, he wouldn’t need to lie and hide anymore from him. So he decided to tell Kyuhyun the only thing he could think of: “see me tonight at 12 in Eunhyuk’s house.”

With that, he left a confused Kyuhyun just to get something to eat since he was dying of hunger. He desperately needed meat, but for that, he needed to wait for lunch. While running, he felt someone chasing him behind with a knife. He turned around to see, and no one was there. Whoever was chasing him was good at hiding, because he could sense movement, noise, and smell, but that person was well hidden that he couldn’t sense any of those quite well. Unknown to Sungmin, a person appeared from a hallway holding a knife as soon as Sungmin turned to run.

During lunch, Sungmin ran as fast as he could just to be the first person in line. When he got his lunch which consisted of meat, rice, steamed vegetables, an apple and a water bottle, he immediately went to sit on his usual spot and devoured everything in less than 5 minutes. Eunhyuk and Donghae sighed, while other people around the table looked at Sungmin shocked for such a record. It wasn’t the first time Eunhyuk and Donghae saw that side of Sungmin; in fact, they see that act unfold in front of their eyes every day after school. Every day, Sungmin runs to Eunhyuk’s house just to eat meat because his hunger is bigger than what a pregnant woman eats.

“Where’s Kyuhyun?” Donghae asked, grabbing a piece of meat from Eunhyuk’s plate. “I saw him so quiet during the last 3 classes. Did something happen to him?”

“He probably lost his tongue,” Eunhyuk joked, taking Donghae’s banana in the process. “I think we should cherish that moment when Kyuhyun is quiet for the whole day, don’t you think?”

“Well yeah, I guess we should. This would the only time he would stay quiet for the whole day…”

During the jokes between Eunhyuk and Donghae, Sungmin stayed quiet. The other two didn’t know that Kyuhyun had seen his weird blue eyes, and less with inviting him to Eunhyuk’s house to show his true self. He wished that he could send Eunhyuk away from his house, but he wouldn’t want to lie to one of his best friends, right?

“Eunhyuk, how about you come over my house tonight?” Donghae asked out of the blue. Eunhyuk just stared at him weirdly.

“Don’t we have school tomorrow?” Eunhyuk reasoned out.

“Oh come on! You can take your clothes to my house,” Donghae leaned closer to Eunhyuk. “Sungmin is going to change into a fox tonight, right?”

Eunhyuk thought hard on what decision to make, and finally after 10 good minutes, he decided to go.

“You don’t mind, right?” Donghae asked Sungmin, winking in the process. Sungmin saw the wink and wondered if Donghae really read his mind or not.

“No, I don’t.”


After Eunhyuk left around 7 p.m., Sungmin flopped himself comfortably on the long sofa. After watching few TV series, he turned the TV off, yawned, then slept. In his dream, the witch appeared in a long black tunic with a book. She started to murmur weird words that made Sungmin blind. He couldn’t see, but he could hear Eunhyuk and Donghae shout his name. Then all of a sudden, he felt a stab on his chest.


Sungmin woke up with sweat dripping from his forehead. He shook his head then walked to the door. He saw Kyuhyun through the peek hole then opened the door to let him in. They awkwardly stood by the door in a painful silence until Kyuhyun spoke.

“Do you live here?” Kyuhyun asked, looking at the place.

“I guess it’s time to be honest with you, Kyuhyun. Yes, I live here with Eunhyuk.”

“Then why didn’t you want me to know that you lived with him?”

“I know it might sound stupid but, I didn’t want you to know because you would misunderstand our relationship.”

“Are you saying that you’re…. his boyfriend?”

“See what I meant? I’m not his boyfriend, just a good friend.”

“Then… why do you run away at nights?”

“You will see…”

When the clock read 12 midnight exactly, Sungmin walked to the garden that was attached to the living room. He immediately stripped off his clothes, showing his bare butt to Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun was taken aback as he saw Sungmin standing in the middle of the garden naked, but when the full moon showed up, he was purely shocked. Sungmin changed into a beautiful white fox with blue eyes.

Shocked, impressed, dumbfounded are not enough to describe how Kyuhyun felt at that moment.

A/N: sorry if this chapter is soooo short. I’ll make it up to you all during vacation :D btw, I just want to announce that I'm not attending high school anymore, I JUST HAVE TO WAIT FOR MY GRADUATION, BABY! wooo~~
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TakaGacktHydetakagackthyde on June 5th, 2011 01:12 pm (UTC)
HOLY SHIT poor kyu's got to be having a serious wtf moment right now. now i have to see what his reaction is going to be now that he saw sungminnie changing into a fox.

keep up the great work ^^